Terms and Conditions

1. No bookings can be accepted from anyone under the age of 21 years without the signed Consent of a parent guardian who will be responsible for observing the following rules.

2. During the period of hiring, the hirer is responsible for the supervision of the premises, the Fabric and the contents, their care, safety from damage and the behaviour of all persons using the premises.

3. The hirer shall not sublet or use the premises for any unlawful purpose.

4. Hirers are responsible for setting out their own equipment including table and chairs unless the hire setup fee has been paid.  NOTHING to be attached to wall of the hall except the wood “dado rail” around the room.  Any attachments to be secured on the rail by the use of drawing pins or “blu-tac” type material.  Anything fixed outside this area will require a re-paint the cost of which will fall on the hirer (see condition 7)

5. Hirers, where any music is used as part of the entertainment i.e. Dances: Discos etc. are responsible for observing the terms of the Public Entertainment/Community Premises Licence. Which must be strictly adhered to by law. (Copy of the conditions of the licence will be provided on request.).

6. Any damage that has occurred or faults that may be found should be reported when the keys are returned, or reported to The Hall Manager on 01747 854320

7. The hirer will be required to indemnify the Hall committee for any damage caused.  Excessive cleaning charge is a minimum of £50. Damage will be assessed by an independent Arbitrator and repairs charged to the hire of all fees and costs. plus any lost income whilst the hall is closed for repairs. A 20% handing charge will be added.

8. In the event of cancellation the Hall Committee will charge a nominal fee.  Where the Cancellation is less than four weeks before the event the Hall Committee reserve the right to charge up to the full booking fee.

9. The hirer is responsible for leaving the premises reasonably clean and tidy and the Hall Property locked and secured, i.e. as the hirer finds it.

10. All tables and chairs to be wiped clean and stacked in the area where they are stored.

11. The Hall Committee reserve the right to increase hire charges whenever necessary and the rate charged will be the rate applicable on the date of the event.

12. Hirers are responsible for ensuring that all taps, lights and extractor fans etc … are turned off at the end of hiring.

13. In the event of the Hall being unsuitable for the use for which it has been hired, the Hall Committee shall not be held liable to the hirer for any loss, damage or injury incurred.

14 Payment of 100% of the hire fee + deposit on booking ~ Deposit money will be returned within 28 days of the return of the keys and hall being found in good condition.

15. Hirers are responsible for returning the keys immediately at the end of the hiring.  In the event of loss of keys there will be a charge of £350 + vat as all the locks must be changed and new keys issued.

16. Any hirer passing the keys to the next hirer may be held responsible for any damage occurring during the second hiring.

17. If these Terms and Conditions are not strictly adhered to an additional charge will be made and any future bookings may be refused.

18. Hirers are responsible ~for providing their own tea towels, hand towels. and washing up equipment for use in the kitchen.

19. The Hall Committee shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage to property of any person using the Hall facilities.

20. Preparations for use – Sessions on the day prior to the event will be charged at £25.

21. The committee takes their child protection responsibilities very seriously and expect that Hirers take all precautions in this respect when hiring the premises.

22. Any complaints as to the condition of any part of the premises must be made to the booking Agent (Mr. C Hill on 01747 854320. Phone is diverted to home address) within one hour of the commencement of the hiring.

23. The hirer for reference should keep these rules before and during the hiring.

24. The use of  adhesive tape on the wall or pins on the Fire Proof Curtains IS TOTALLY PROHIBITED.

25. All bars service will be provided by the proprietors.

26. No Alcohol of any description is to be brought on to the premises under any circumstances.

27. Hirers are respectfully requested to encourage their patrons to leave the premises in an orderly manner and disperse without unnecessary disturbance to the residents living adjacent to the Hail and the local community

28. The J.L.C employ a resident Caterer who is responsible for the Hygiene and Health and Safety of the Kitchen. Please contact us for a quotation of your requirements. 01747 854320.   DIY catering may be considered

29. We are licensed for Music until 2359 and this time must be complied with.

30. Disco’s Smoke Machines must not be used as they activate the Fire Alarm System.

31. The exits at the rear of the hall are EMERGENCY EXITS ONLY and must remain closed at all other times